Thursday, June 19, 2014

Early Administration of Hydrocortisone Replacement After the Advent of Septic Shock: Impact on Survival and Immune Response

Katsenos, Chrysostomos S. et  al on behalf of the Hellenic Sepsis Study Group

Critical Care Medicine:
July 2014 - Volume 42 - Issue 7 - p 1651–1657

Over a 2-year period, 170 patients with septic shock treated with low doses of hydrocortisone were enrolled. Blood was sampled from 34 patients for isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and cytokine stimulation before and 24 hours after the start of hydrocortisone.
 After adjusting for disease severity and type of infection, a protective effect of early hydrocortisone administration against unfavorable outcome was found (hazard ratio, 0.20; p = 0.012).
Time of discontinuation of vasopressors was earlier among patients with initiation of hydrocortisone within 9 hours. Production of tumor necrosis factor-α was lower among patients who had had hydrocortisone early,
This resulted in improved survival.

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