Thursday, June 5, 2014

Reversal of a rocuronium-induced grade IV anaphylaxis via early injection of a large dose of sugammadex

Can J Anaesth.  2014 Jun;61(6):558-562

A 22-yr-old female without relevant medical history developed an anaphylactic reaction within three minutes of rocuronium injection at induction of anesthesia for a routine cholecystectomy. During the first six minutes, she was unresponsive to usual treatment and her condition evolved to a grade IV anaphylaxis reaction despite a cumulated dose of epinephrine 0.7 mg. Sugammadex 14 mg·kg-1, injected six minutes after rocuronium, resulted in total resolution of all manifestations of anaphylaxis within three minutes. The patient was discharged from hospital the next day. Allergy investigations confirmed rocuronium as the cause of anaphylaxis.

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